Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries

Welcome to the Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries web site. We are a King James Bible based, King James Bible-believing ministry dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission throughout America, reaching our federal and state capitols and legislators with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Established in Washington DC and several state capitols, our goal and desire is to glorify God through the preaching of His holy, infallible, given by inspiration word.


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Frank & Pam Raddish

James Creager
  • Reaching our national and state political leaders through witnessing, preaching and Bible study.

  • Establishing Bible studies in our national and state capitals throughout America.

  • Promoting mission teams from various participating churches to help in the evangelistic outreach on the federal and state levels.

Established Capitol Bible Studies

1.   U.S. Capitol Building 
2.   U.S. Justice Department
3.   South Carolina State Capitol
4.   Georgia State Capitol
5.   Alabama  State Supreme Court Building
6.   Arizona State Capiol
7.   New Mexico State Capitol
8.   Wyoming State Capitol
9   Florida State Capitol needs pastor
10   Texas State Capitol

Frank Raddish

Founder and General Director

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James Creager

Field Representative

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The Capitol Hill Bible Trumpet Newsletter


Creation Science Division

Charles Creager
  • Taking back Science from atheists, new agers and compromisers.

  • Promoting Biblical Creation through presentations and other formats.

  • Demonstrating the scientific evidence in support of Biblical Creation and against Evolution.

  • Presenting Creations Science presentations at churches, Christian schools, collages and other venues

Sample Presentations

Charles Creager

 Field Representative
Creation Science Specialist

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